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Juni Moon

Lollipop - Assorted

Lollipop - Assorted

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Our Juni Moon Lollipops can be purchased as sets and singles

Each lollipop is crafted with care and attention to detail, using high-quality natural felt and vibrant colours to create a realistic and fun representation of this Candy classic. 

This collection includes different lollipops in various colours such as pink, purple, mint, yellow, and an assortment of rainbow combinations, each with their own unique design and pattern. 

The lollipops are set on wooden dowel sticks, giving the toy a sense of realism, and allowing children to hold and play with them just like real lollipops. 

They’re perfect for children who love playing with pretend food and enjoy imaginative play. They can use the felt lollipops to create their own pretend candy shops or make up their own stories and scenarios.

Each lollipop will bring hours of fun and entertainment to children, while also providing a fun and creative way to learn and role-play

Handmade with love using the highest quality pure New Zealand sheep wool and carefully needle felted by hand by our wonderfully talented Artisans in Nepal. 

Dimensions: 11cm approx

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