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Science and Nature

Da Vinchi Minis - Assorted

Da Vinchi Minis - Assorted

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Leonardo da Vinci is widely recognized as one of the greatest minds in history, and his designs are a testament to his incredible imagination and skill. From his sketches of flying machines and military weapons to his plans for grand architectural feats and innovative engineering projects, da Vinci’s designs are still admired and studied today.

Da Vinci’s designs for flying machines were also ahead of their time, and he created detailed drawings of gliders, helicopters, and ornithopters (machines that flap their wings to fly). While he never built a working flying machine himself, his designs inspired future inventors and engineers to pursue the dream of flight.

In addition to his designs for flying machines, da Vinci also created numerous designs for military weapons and defenses. He designed tanks, submarines, and cannons, as well as a system of mirrors that could be used to deflect sunlight onto enemy ships, setting them on fire.

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