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Euca Wooden Rainbow

Euca Wooden Rainbow

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“No two people see the rainbow the same way…”

― Anonymous

The inspiration behind Eucas' beautiful Colours of the Earth Rainbow Stacker came from an image we captured at the end of a long, wet day of driving across Australia's Nullarbor Plains.

We approached the Nullarbor Roadhouse weary and drained, but with camera in hand, we were determined to capture some beautiful moments in time - and we were not to be disappointed. Hovering in the sky, amongst the barren, almost treeless, semi arid country, was the most magnificent rainbow we had ever seen.

And it was here that Euca's wooden rainbow came to life.

Designed to provide and encourage hours of creative play for your child, our Rainbow Stacker is crafted to spark your child's imagination and capture their attention.  It will help to encourage and facilitate new creative learning experiences and can be used in many creative ways, including stacking & balancing, to create vibrant hills, bridges or endless marbles runs! The limits in creativity are endless when using our Vibrant Wooden Rainbow Stackers. 



Size: 18cm(H) * 35cm(W) * 7cm(D)

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