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Kids Love Tea by Herbal Teas Australia

Healthy Kids Tea

Healthy Kids Tea

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This is the ideal tea for active children who play lots of sport because it can support a growing body and help their immune system to minimise illness.

Calendula is a wound healing herb so not only is it a preventative, but can assist with injuries. Marshmallow root can help with upper respiratory issues like sore throat and coughing while Olive Leaf, which is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, can help to stimulate the immune system.

Yarrow has an amazing history. It is anti-inflammatory, digestive, wound healing, fights infection and has been known to reduce scarring. It’s use by the military throughout history has earnt it the name the “Soldiers herb”. Just the herb to use in a tea for little warriors.

Ingredients: Organic Calendula, Marshmallow root, Yarrow & Olive leaf

NOTE: Every 30mg packet contains a minimum of 60 cups

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