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Kiddikutter- Assorted Colours

Kiddikutter- Assorted Colours

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Equip your child with the KiddiKutter’s kid’s kitchen knife in Dusky Rose to foster independence in the kitchen. Let them discover the joy of cooking with a safe and effective tool.

Kid’s chopping knife for worry-free cooking

When your child wants in on the family food fest (read: you, making healthy meals both exciting and eaten), embrace their interest and hand them a KiddiKutter. A kid’s knife that children can safely use without losing skin, fingers or your sanity, its stainless steel blade has rounded serrations that cut food cleanly.

Designed for stress-free cooking, KiddiKutter helps your small humans learn about food, boost fine motor skills and feel like a grown up in the kitchen. Smiles twinkle and faces beam with “Look what I made!” pride as your child grows in I-can-do-it independence.

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