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Pastel Transport Pack

Pastel Transport Pack

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Designed with vehicle enthusiasts in mind, this pack takes magnetic tile play up a gear! Featuring our iconic REVERSIBLE transport base in light grey, two clear motion bases with REAL rubber wheels, plus a range of magnetic tile shapes, the CONNETIX 50 Piece Pastel Transport Pack allows you to imagine and create endless vehicle designs. It also expands the range of colours children can explore with eight pastel colours in hues of pink, berry, peach, mint, emerald, lemon, violet and sapphire.  


Discover STEAM learning as you navigate magnetism, shapes and colour to recreate your very own trucks and trains, aircrafts and ambulances, fire engines and forklifts. This pack can help children learn about engineering principles such as stability, balance, and symmetry all while engaging in imaginative play. 


Featuring our signature bevel design for increased durability and clearer refractions, this pack is designed to grow with children as play and learning develops. Perfect for both independent play and collaborative play with siblings, friends and the whole family! Complement your CONNETIX 50 Piece Pastel Transport Pack with any of the packs from the CONNETIX range to take your vehicle creations to the next level. 


All tiles are made using non-toxic ABS plastic that is BPA and Phthalate free, ultrasonically sealed and ​riveted for extra safety. Recommended for and enjoyed by builders ages 3+ years.  

Each pack includes:

  • 1 x Train/Truck base
  • 2 x Car bases
  • 3 x Equilateral triangles
  • 3 x Right angle triangles
  • 2 x Isosceles triangles
  • 15 x Doors
  • 4 x Small squares
  • 2 x Windows
  • 18 x Rectangles
  • Idea Booklet
  • Heading
  • Heading
  • Heading
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