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Tali Kargn

Tali Kargn

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Eucas' Tali Karng Lake Puzzle was inspired by our overnight hike to Tali Karng Lake, Victoria's only natural deep lake located in the Alpine Region in Eastern Victoria which was formed by a landslide over 1500 years ago. 

We created a puzzle to remember that hot yet beautifully silent summer day by the lake. Our moment in time captured in a puzzle, while being abstract enough to create your own new and unique memories.

Consisting of a range of natural shapes with a colour palette inspired by the Alpine Highlands, this set encourages your Children to develop their creative potential through imaginative play. 

Handcrafted from solid Beechwood, sanded and painted with non toxic water based paint, this Puzzle set is sure to bring years of joy to any playroom. 



Tray size : 26cm * 38cm

Blocks 4cm thick

28 Piece Set

*Peg People not included

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